Waste Reduction at PMI Joinease

Article Post Date: 2015

PMI-Joinease-Waste-DiversionPMI Joinease, PMI’s joint venture factory in southern China, has worked to reduce waste generation in all aspects of its operations. Several years ago, PMI Joinease began looking at its waste stream as an opportunity for improvement. The first step was to increase the material efficiency of production, thereby reducing the amount of raw materials needed and scrap material produced. As a second step, PMI Joinease invested in an on-site waste sorting facility where employees sort scrap materials to be recycled, sold, and landfilled to increase the diversion rate. The factory’s focus on material efficiency and waste minimization has decreased raw material and disposal costs, and created a new revenue stream from the sale of recyclable waste.

In 2014, PMI Joinease implemented the 5S lean manufacturing management method to optimize production and reduce waste within their operations. Initially, PMI Joinease increased their amount of landfilled waste in 2014 by disposing of underutilized items in the name of efficiency. However, this was a one-time event, and by maintaining lean techniques PMI Joinease expects their waste diversion rate to return to that of previous years.