Supply Chain Reporting since 2009

Article Post Date: 2015

Since 1998, PMI has deepened relationships with their customers, strengthened partnerships with suppliers, and worked across departments and offices to advance their commitments to corporate responsibility.

To build a stronger case for both environmental and social initiatives, PMI has been working on calculating the return on their investment (ROI) in corporate responsibility.

Corporate responsibility positively impacts PMI’s business performance and continually drives down costs. The results of the ROI study substantiated PMI’s belief that investing in corporate responsibility is both the right way to do business and good for the bottom line.

PMI had many ideas and goals in mind for social and environmental initiatives at their offices and partner factories, but have chosen to focus strongly on environmental health and safety at partner factories. PMI’s passion for this work stems from their commitment to provide safe and humane working environments.

PMI’s 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report allowed them to compile all the work they do, document it in one place, and develop a better understanding of the overall impact of the company. It provided an education and an opportunity for greater engagement with their employees, fueling innovation in each area of their business. This in turn helped drive reductions in energy, carbon emissions, water, and waste in 2010. The tracking systems put in place to monitor and collect data enables PMI to study trends in each area and set long-term goals to advance their corporate responsibility work.