Responsibly Made in China: Update

Article Post Date: 2017

PMI is committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. Since implementing their Code of Conduct in 1998, they have worked with their suppliers to make continuous improvements. PMI has factories in several countries—Brazil, China, Spain, Thailand and the USbut manufacturing is concentrated in China, where PMI has found some of the highest quality factories in their product category. PMI has been manufacturing in China since 1983 and has developed strong, long-term partnerships with their suppliers. They manage their suppliers in China with the same Code of Conduct-compliance and oversight as every other manufacturer supplying PMI around the world.

PMI is committed to ensuring that workers who produce products for PMI live and work in a healthy environment and earn a fair wage. They are dedicated to doing business responsibly and making business decisions that champion the cause of human dignity and consideration for the environment, as embodied in their Code of Conduct. However, PMI goes beyond compliance — collaborating with suppliers to put practices in place that truly enhance the well-being of their workforce, their community and the planet.

Each of PMI’s partner factories has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager who strives for continuous improvement and works closely with PMI to ensure CSR commitments are met. Collaboration with their suppliers has resulted in many improvements, including higher labor retention, greater productivity and a trusted supply chain. As PMI expands their supplier base, they will continue to choose manufacturing partners that share their values and commitment to quality, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


PMI Joinease Video

Step inside and get a close-up look at this state-of-the-art factory in South China.