Recycled, Reusable, and Recyclable

Article Post Date: 2015

walmart-wastestreamWith a long history of using recycled plastic in their products, PMI seized the opportunity to partner with Walmart to recover waste materials and then use those materials in the reusable and recyclable PMI products sold in Walmart stores. In 2014, PMI’s Aladdin® brand developed a post-consumer recycled polypropylene made from food-grade plastic waste sourced from Walmart’s waste stream. In June of 2015, Aladdin debuted Sustain®, a reusable and recyclable coffee cup made from this post-consumer recycled material, at Walmart’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Collecting, recycling, and reusing discarded material has the potential to yield significant resource and energy savings. Making products from post-consumer recycled plastic not only reduces the need to extract raw materials from the planet, but also requires less energy than using virgin materials and diverts products from entering landfills. PMI is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop new recycled materials to reduce their use of natural resources and the carbon footprint of their products. They also strive to create products that can be recycled at end-of-life, returning valuable materials to the manufacturing lifecycle.

Photo at top: PMI leaders celebrate the debut of the Sustain® cup at Walmart’s 2015 shareholder’s meeting.