Recycled Glass in Spain

Article Post Date: 2015

In 2013, PMI began working with a recycled glass factory in Spain. The factory is one of the largest producers of 100% recycled glass products worldwide. They source their glass from local, municipal recycling bins, and convert it into glasses, vases, plates, bowls, and other housewares products. Glass can be recycled over and over again without down-cycling, which makes it a great material feedstock. PMI’s Aladdin® brand manufactures their Recycled To-Go Tumbler at this facility.

Recycled tumbler from AladdinIt may seem obvious, but the production of recycled glass creates a much smaller environmental impact than that of virgin glass. The production of recycled glass reduces the use of raw materials and new minerals, and prevents the generation of mining waste associated with the production of virgin glass. Additionally, cullet (crushed glass) melts at a lower temperature than the materials used to make virgin glass, and thus requires less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions during production.