PMI South America Helps a Local Day Care Center

Article Post Date: 2017

Cantinho dos Anjos2In Brazil’s Ipiíba / São Gonçalo-RJ region, where PMI South America operates, is Casa de Acolhimento Cantinho dos Anjos, a family-run day care center that cares for 115 babies and children living in poverty. Five days a week, the family picks up the children and provides for all their needs.

Running the day care is a daily struggle as the family manages it alone and receives no government assistance. They rely on private donations to keep the doors open and meet monthly needs for milk, diapers, food, clothes, toys and play activities.

Flooding and building repairs are a recurring problem. Due to excessive moisture on the floor, infants frequently become ill and several were recently hospitalized for pneumonia. In March 2016, heavy summer rains overwhelmed the water cistern, creating a flood of sewage in the day care center. Everything was lost.

After the flooding, PMI staff raised funds to purchase supplies and help the day care center get back on its feet. One Saturday morning in March, staff members picked up some of the kids and delivered much-needed supplies of diapers and milk, as well as fruits, vegetables and meat, perishable items that are usually difficult to keep on hand. It was a morning of fun for the kids and a learning experience for PMI staff, who saw firsthand the commitment of this family to providing care and dignity for vulnerable children.