PMI South America: Brazil

Article Post Date: 2014

In late 2014, PMI acquired the business of Aladdin South America, completing its global ownership of the Aladdin brand and adding two factories in Brazil as part of the acquisition.

Aladdin South America, now known as PMI South America, is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was established in 1938 and has been a leading brand of insulated vacuum bottles in Brazil. With two ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities in Brazil, PMI South America will expand its operations to accommodate new products and brands from PMI, specifically Stanley® and MiGo®. In addition, the Aladdin® product lines developed for the EMEA, North American, and China/Asia Pacific markets will be available to customers and consumers in the Latin American market.

Part of this new journey is applying PMI’s Code of Conduct standards and the factory improvement system that began in 2015. Both of PMI’s Brazil factories are making continuous improvements in social responsibility and environmental stewardship. In addition to factory improvements, discussions are underway on community engagement that makes sense to PMI South America employees and their community. PMI looks forward to reporting on community engagement in Brazil in their 2016 report.

“The combination of the highly dedicated team of professionals at PMI South America and PMI’s Aladdin, Stanley, and Migo brands will provide powerful merchandising solutions for retailers and offer exciting new innovative products to consumers never before seen in the South American market. This acquisition opens the South American market for PMI and allows us to partner with a strong team with significant distribution and manufacturing capabilities in market.” – Rob Harris, President and CEO of PMI.

“Throughout our 76 years of ownership of the Aladdin brand, we have seen many achievements and overcome many obstacles. We look forward to this new journey.” – Alberto Jasmim, President, PMI South America.