PMI Joinease Family Day

Article Post Date: 2016
PMI Joinese Family Day Children's talent Show

Children’s Talent Show

In the summer of 2015, the PMI Joinease factory started an annual holiday family event at the factory. The purpose of “Family Days” is to celebrate family and give the children of factory workers an understanding of their parents’ work life at PMI Joinease. Many workers live in the local town and some live in factory housing as they come from towns far away. During the two-day event, families toured the factory and offices during the work day, learned about the company culture, and participated in sports competitions and games. This was followed by a talent show in which some of the children performed for the families and workers.

Comments from families who attended:

PMI Joinese Family Day

Children learning about the products their parents produce.

“This summer I and (my) family in PMI Joinease Company had a special and happy holiday!”

“This company let people work very assured, can let family in harmony, human management, a good place to work for long term.”