Outdoor Industry Award

PMI received the 2017 Sustainability Award from the Outdoor Industry Association.

Environmental Stewardship

PMI has always focused on sustainable business practices while bringing innovative product solutions to market. They make reusable products in facilities where workers are treated with dignity and respect, while also working to reduce their impact on the environment. In 2005, PMI sharpened their focus on environmental stewardship, defining new strategies and opportunities. Through the years, they have expanded on this effort and established meaningful ways to operate their business in a more sustainable manner.

Overcoming the current and future challenges associated with living in a resource-constrained world will require innovation and long-term planning. To fully realize the goal of sustainability, PMI will prepare for and adapt to changing environmental risks through evolving product lines, resource and emission mitigation practices, and supply chain efficiency. PMI recognizes the severity of the issues resulting from climate change, and believes it is their responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within PMI’s global operations.



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Several years ago, PMI Joinease began looking at its waste stream as an opportunity for improvement. The first step was to increase the material efficiency of production, thereby reducing the amount of raw materials needed and scrap material produced.

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The Sustain® Story

An internal PMI task force was formed to create a breakthrough product that would enable consumers to reduce their environmental footprint. The cup known today as Sustain® was launched in 2012.

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Case Study: eCycle®

eCycle® PP is a proprietary blend of food-grade polypropylene, made entirely from food-safe source materials that are collected, recycled, and reformulated in North America.

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