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PMI community engagement is global, with all offices engaging in the communities where they operate. Each office donates time, money and products to local, regional and national nonprofit organizations of their choice, based on PMI’s three philanthropy pillars: children, education and the environment. All employees are given one paid day per year to volunteer at the organization of their choice. Many employees choose to volunteer as a team for more fun and greater impact. PMI annually gives over 1% of net profits to nonprofit organizations that make a difference in their local and global community. Each quarter, PMI is proud to make a Grassroots Giving Program donation from each office to a local nonprofit organization nominated and selected by employees.

Our Stories

2016 Global Philanthropy Data

PMI Global Philanthropy focuses on children, education and the environment, supporting a variety of organizations in the communities where PMI operates. Check out the data from 2016.

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Environmental Stewardship in the Gobi Desert

Since 1978, 66 billion trees have been planted in a 2,800-mile band known as the Great Green Wall, which is helping to halt the desert, anchor shifting sands and restore soil and air quality.

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PMI Gets Moving and Gives Back

It was a busy—and active—spring and summer for PMI Global Philanthropy, which saw employees from every PMI office getting outside to support vital community projects.

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Amplifying Impact: PMI’s Global Philanthropy

From volunteering at a food bank in Seattle to donating proceeds from a marathon to feed hungry families in Manila, PMI employees are making a difference in the communities where we work.

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