Amplifying Impact: PMI’s Global Philanthropy

Article Post Date: 2016

From volunteering at a food bank in Seattle to donating proceeds from a marathon to feed hungry families in Manila, PMI employees are making a difference in the communities where they work. Every year, PMI finds new ways to support local education, environmental and community projects through its Global Philanthropy program. In 2016, PMI devoted more than 1% of pre-tax profits to 41 global organizations, with PMI employees giving more than 1,600 hours of their time and donating thousands of PMI products.

PMI’s annual Grassroots program makes quarterly donations to local organizations nominated and chosen by employees. This aligns with PMI’s global efforts to support organizations working on behalf of children, education and the environment, as employees at each PMI global office decide which local organizations they want to support.

In 2017, PMI’s corporate philanthropy strategy is to amplify its support for these organizations through a combination of financial support, employee volunteer time and product donations. PMI believes this combined approach will maximize the impact of the corporate giving plan to improve children’s lives, the environment and the communities they call home.

In addition to PMI’s corporate philanthropy, each PMI brand — Aladdin®, Stanley®, MiGo® and Slant®  support non-profit organizations that resonate with the brand team. For example, Aladdin is supporting The Nature Conservancy, while Stanley supports The Conservation Alliance and Big City Mountaineers. More information can be found on the brand websites.